Friday, December 17, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Well I haven't been feeling too Christmasy lately. A few family health scares and our homecoming back to the UK being put forward has kinda dampened my spirits. But alas! All the Christmas sales and wishlists has brought out another very uncharacteristic, materialistic side of me, inspiring me to put together a Christmas Covet List as I like to call it. By golly, I say there's nothing like a good covet list to wash away the jingle jangle blues! So here's my attempt to conform to around 90% of all blogs out there with my very on Christmas Covet List... TA-DAAAA!
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1. Knit Cowl with Bow by Besty at Etsy (how poetic!). Nothing like a bit of knitted goodness to keep me warm when we get back to wintery UK.
2. Anything made by Katie at What Katie Ate in her bumper Christmas issue. Everything looks so scrummy and festive, that should bring out the Christmas spirit!
3. Deer in Wood Kette by Discosweets Accessories. Its a German store that sell the sweetest accessories. I have no idea what they say because everything's in German but man their stuff is cute!
4. A basket full of Red Velvet Cupcakes (with cream cheese icing of course)...nuff said!
5. Jo Malone perfume. I love that you can mix all her fragrances to create something truely unique. I've got a little mix and match set at home but one can never have enough of her range. Definitely one of those 'more is more' items!
6. Pointed Patent Leather Flats with Detachable Suede Bow by Shikkuu. They have to have the most delightful collection of flats. This happens to be my fave!
7. My very own new and improved customised Ipod playlist. Good luck to anyone bold enough to take on that challenge, my taste in music is so random.
8. A copy of Etcetera by Sibella Court. Definitely a must have item to get more styling inspiration from! I love this woman's work.
9. A new digital SLR to take more happy snaps with and to vamp up my product and blog images with. Suggestions on good ones would be great!
...oh, and of course...
Whatever you're doing, where ever you are, this season is for all to to be joyful and festive. Make the most of it, be safe and enjoy every bit it has to offer you!

xx Jo

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