Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pastel Pleasures

We've been on holidays visiting family and friends in Australia for around 2 months now and as much as I loathe living out of a suite case, I do enjoy the challenge of creating my own little haven with what little of my own belongings I have with me. So much so, that I've gone to the extent of thrifting bits and bobs to make my temporary surroundings as homely as possible.

So with my trusty Nexus phone in hand, and a pocket full of inspiration, I took a little time out from preparing for the official LLPA launch to capture a some images of a few of my favorite little corners in my home away from home.

My styling ethos is that its not about how expensive and fancy your surroundings are, its about surrounding yourself with things you love, to always be excited and inspired by every wall and corner you look at. Now with that off my chest, its back to work, exciting times ahead!

xx Jo 

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