Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy January the 6th!!

A very belated happy 2011! Sorry for being so majorly slack in blogging, posting, updating etc etc. To add to the craziness of the silly season, I've had several family tragedies that had left me feeling very...well...'blah' for lack of better words. But without making this sound like a 'dear diary', Ive chosen to take things as they are and move on and up, learning to treasure my time with my loved ones much, much more! Thank God for the beach and beautiful sunshine! Its been great to be able to just get away to the coast to soak up the rays and have a refreshing swim in the ocean. BLISS!

Moving right along...

Well, very exciting times ahead. After a super long 'holiday' back home in Australia, I'm so excited about heading back to the UK to source some fabulous furniture and garments to share with you all. I've already reached my baggage limit with the amount of extra artwork, garments, jewellry and accessories I've thrifted at many an op shop during my time here. All at the expense of leaving most of the items I came with in boxes at my parent's place ;).

Looking forward to being back in my own office and getting in the zone to commit more time in building LLPA into something that you'll all adore as much as I do! But for now, I'm just hoping the Aussie sunshine shows her pretty face a few more times before I leave.

Here's to lots of LOVE, HAPPINESS and SUCCES in 2011 because I know you all deserve it!!

xx Jo

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