Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our very first Look Book!

Spring time in the UK is finally here and what perfect way to kick this beautiful season off by celebrating the gift of sunlight! 

It did cross my mind to shoot our very first Look Book in one of the many lovely vintage furniture decked venues I've come across, but the sun had been out killing it for the past week I just had to make the most of what the start of this beautiful season had to give!
If you've been on the LLPA Facebook Page you would have met my gorgeous ginger friend, Tasha who was more than happy to star as the face of my very first release of vintage garments in the UK. She's so contrary to what 'firey' red heads are stereotyped to be, you couldn't come across a more softly spoken, gentle natured, timid girl as Tasha. A true gem!
Well apart from Tash, featured in this shoot is this stunning white crochet, scalloped dress which will be available for auction on Ebay along with other original as well as re-worked vintage goodies. Stay tuned for a preview of the items to be listed.
I know it may not be a huge deal for some but I just wanted to give a big thanks to Tasha and Selina who were a HUGE help in not only putting this little shoot together but for donating hours and hours of their time to shoot this very first range. As little as it may seem to you guys, it meant so much. I'm so grateful for friends like you! 
xx Jo

White Crochet Dress: LLPA Vintage (To be auctioned on Ebay)
(Black ribbon belt is not part of the dress)
Gold and Pearl Bow Neclace: Thrifted
Rings: Jo's 
Black Tulle 3/4 length skirt: LLPA handmade.

Model: Natasha Rigby
Photography: Joan Puletua
Stylist: Joan Puletua
Editing: Joan Puletua
Assistant: Selina Perelini

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