Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where in the world is LLPA...

Hey peeps, 
Sorry for the major shortage of blogs lately. I've got so much to blog about but my lack of time and 'digital resources' (such as the usb cable for my camera :P) has got the better of me lately...but alas, I'll get around to things soon! 
As you may know, I'm back home in Australia for a visit. It's been great so far, time definitely flies when you're having fun! Apart from being out of action for a bit due to jetlag, as well as much needed catch ups with family and close friends, much of my time has been consumed by attending a few events and workshops as part of the Sydney Design Festival. This year's theme is 'Is Old New Again?' which is so relevant to what my ethos is behind Lola Lovely Pre Adored. Its all about ethical, sustainable design and up-cycling which is I am so excited by. Rosary Coloma, a dear friend and current guest curator at Sydney's Gaffa Gallery and was generous enough to invite me to several of Sydney Design Week's Launches. Rosary curated the installation, Lure with Bait, Strike with Chaos, which is a wonderful exhibition/experience created by designer, Liesl Hazleton in collaboration with John Smith of several deconstructed instruments which have been turned into beautiful, wearable pieces of jewellery. A musical 'soundtrack' resonates in the background as part of the display as the instruments' final 'swan song' prior to its great transformation. 
I also attended 'Up-cycle Fashion', run by A.L.A.S Label and Transparent seams. This Was basically a workshop allowing our creative juices to flow. A group of around 12 of us transformed pre-adored shirts, jumpers, skirts and trousers into completely different ready to wear garments. I was quite pleased with the result of my little creation where I transformed an old knitted jumper into a knee length, high waisted pencil skirt with pleat detail. 
There is so much more to share but even as I type, I am pressed for time to be somewhere else so I promise to post 'proper' blogs with images and more details about these wonderful events and much more very soon!

xx  Jo

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