Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frankie Spaces

After weeks of stalking my closest Borders book store, I was finally able to purchase Frankie Magazine's latest project publication, Spaces.

Each page was a pocket full of sensory overload (in a good way of course). So many inspiring nooks and spaces, none of which are contrived or matchy matchy, but every one of them, the perfect space for inspired, artistic minds. The book is divided in to 6 sections covering the home + work space, the wall space, the tea + coffee space, the living space and of course, the directory which I found to be a fantastic reference point for finding out a little more about the featured home/business owners, and the nifty goods they produce. My they're a creative bunch!

This wall display featured in the book reminded me of a cute little poster (below) I thrifted recently for my little boy's room.

Its definitely one of those books that no matter how often you read or look at it, you will always spot something new. All in all, a its fab read/browse, that I think anyone looking for some creative inspiration should grab a hold of!

xx Jo

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