Thursday, February 17, 2011

Word up yo!

I was just looking around my house today and took particular notice of how my love for words and typography is so evident in what I use to decorate. I'm by no means not one to label everything in my home, but there's something about the way things are written and more importantly, what is written that really inspires and intrigues me. 

The image above and the one below are actually two kitchen tea towels I purchased back in Oz and decided to frame (as you do). The one below are the names of some of the amazing cities around Sydney. My little reminder of home.

I really don't intend on giving out any of the greeting cards below...yet lol. But being the impulse buyer I am, the amusement factor of these cards were so purchase worthy, I couldn't resist! Sorry if I offended anyone with the lingo. I got these at Typo back in Australia. They have a great range of affordable, cute and quirky stationary.

Well you most probably received the e-mail, now introducing the book! Thanks Urban Outfitters for making cool books like 'Chinglish' available for purchase by easily amused people such as myself hehe ;).

xx Jo

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