Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lookie lookie @ what just popped up for auction on Ebay!

After some major computer rage and yelling at the poor filipino man at the Ebay call centre (which is so out of character for me), I've finally managed to upload some vintage garments onto my yet to be spruced up Ebay page. Click HERE


....or even HERE for direct access to my little Ebay store for some vintage bargains.

Upon entry to LLPA's store, let's pretend you're being warmly greeted by me in my very best vintage attire with a welcome cup of tea for our grand opening, we know I'm really in my jammies, ready for bed but that's the beauty of doing things online ;). 

xx Jo

P.S On a brighter note, can't wait to share the great book binding experience I had with Landbaby at the Bluecoat in Liverpool! Stay tuned. x

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