Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Old Fashioned Book Binding With Landbaby

It's been a busy past 2 week or so just trying to get things officially started with my little range of vintage goodies. I just wanted to make sure that everything was right before I got things started. It doesn't look like much from the outset but trust me, it is time consuming, especially when your computer decides to throw a tantrum on you come D Day :P. Oh well, maybe its because I'm just the fussiest of fussy, and always want things looking and feeling perfect, serves me right hehe.

Anyway, luckily to get my mind of things, I found out through Landbaby's Facebook Page, that they were holding a workshop for Old Fashioned Book Binding. I jumped at the opportunity and made a booking for a friend of mine and myself to attend as I thought it would be the perfect skill to learn for a few products I had in mind as part of a new LLPA reclaimed/handmade range which is still in the woodworks.

An amazing lady by the name of Lucy Wilson ran the workshop. A talented illustrator and book and crafts maker herself, it was a treat to learn this beautiful dying art off her. Here are a few pics from my little book making experience.

 Ready to start, all the tools of the trade.
 Sample of some of the beauties we'll be making
 Our lovely instructor, Lucy Wilson.
 My binding so far... exciting!

 Relying on Selina's notes hehe.
 Ladies at work

 Nearly there! My book starting to take shape.

 Voila! The finished product! So made up :D

 Claire, the wonderful mind behind Landbaby
Some of the wonderful handmade goodies on offer at Landbaby.
All it all, learning how to bind books the old fashioned way was such a good experience, a little bit fiddly but so rewarding in the end. Landbaby regularly hold craft workshops wether it be making concertina photo folders, felt pins, or paper flowers theres definitely something for everyone into their crafts! 

Here are the links to:
Lucy Wilson's beautiful traditional art.

xx Jo

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