Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lovely Lady Lamps

My office is kind of in a shambles but, there is some sort of method to my madness ;D! I've been busy trying to put the finishing touches on the vintage range I've forever been working on and had a quite eventful trip into my local town centre today getting a few bits and bobs for the shoot coming up. 

I had finished picking up what I needed and tried my best to steer away from the op shops and vintage stores, but the temptation was too strong in a particular one I frequent. One thing lead to another and to cut a long story short, I ended up walking out with 4 vintage lamps and 1 absolutely stunning genuine Art Nouveau rosewood sideboard that I managed to haggle down to a ridiculous price... I'm shocking!
You may recall on on of my previous blogs, Well hello there... I had purchased that darling tassled lamp shade? Well I managed to also score this beautiful vintage marble and brass floor lamp that despite being quite heavy, teamed up perfectly with it! FYI scored it for a bargain too! ;)
What can I say, I love vintage! I don't favour any particular era but being a major part of my studies, I can appreciate all styles. I don't have any snaps of the sideboard I bought as I'm having it delivered this week but will make sure to show it off perhaps in a little vignette feature or something.

In the meanwhile keep your eye's peeled, LLPA's first vintage garment release will be out soon! There are some great pieces that I'm sure you'll love as much as I do.

xx Jo

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