Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebration of the humble sideboard

So I finally managed to pick up our vintage antique Art Nouveau sideboard. It's so puuuurttttyyyy! I would have posted something about it earlier, but along with study and other things, I've been busy shooting our very first release of UK vintage garments. There are quite a few items and 3 hours in the studio only got me through half of them! I will be putting them on our Ebay store for auction which will hopefully be available at the end of next week.  I'll be upping the anti with marketing leading up to it so I'm sure you'll hear all about it :D! 

Apart from that I'm trying to make the effort to blog more often but as you know I have several other things going on which makes it difficult. So as part of my efforts, I'm going to introduce regular segments, with the first one being, Show Us Your Sideboards... Where I will be inviting guest bloggers to share styled vignettes of their sideboards. I consider my self a bit of a voyeur when it comes to peoples homes and find how they style them fascinating. I know...weird, but that's just me ;). 

So to kick things off, I'm sharing my very first sideboard vignette with my newly purchased OLD sideboard as the feature. 

How would you describe your sideboard? 
Just like my husband, a bit rough around the edges, dark and the perfect build. Just the way I like it ;D.

Styling sideboards for the sake of design or necessity?
Well in this case, definitely design. I quickly whipped this vignette together using bits and pieces from around the casa. After taking a few snaps, its going into the garage to be restored. Normally I like to apply a bit of both. All my sideboards have books on them. I have a large collection of books that need to be stored somewhere. Luckily they make great styling and decorative tools, and apparently you can learn a thing or two from them too :P.

Do you every have sideboard envy? Who's and why?
I get sideboard envy whenever I go into great furniture, vintage or thrift stores. I also really admire Dabito's ever changing sideboards which he regularly features in his blog, Old Brand New. 

Give us 3 sideboard styling tips:
1. A nice mix of old and new items to add a bit of character. 
2. Balance. Don't have all your large items piled up on one side, spread them out to even out the 'air space'.
3. Keep it personal. Display items that have meaning to you such as a special photograph or ornament that will make you stop you in your tracks every time you walk past it. 

Well I hope you enjoyed that, next week I'll be sharing another Show Us Your Sideboard... moment with you featuring a guest blogger. 

Happy weekending!

xx Jo

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