Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lola Lovely

What an amazing weekend! Spring time has been in full bloom in the UK. The sun was out and with my husband having the rare weekend off, my family and I spent our time, out and about enjoying the beautiful rays. It was a nice 'break' from planning a mini 're-structure' of the LLPA blog as well as being bombarded with the craziness of having the kids home for the term break. 

Having Lola Lovely as part of Circle of Mum's Top 25 Moms WIth Style has given me more of an insight into all the amazing women and mothers out there in the blogging world not afraid to share their passions and talents. I'm really self conscious about posting photos of myself on the blog, and really don't do it as much as I probably should, but having read so many of the beautiful women's blogs in the Circle of Mum's Top 25 Moms With Style I really will make the effort to share more of myself with you weather it be through Lookbooks or even through pics of every day musings. After all, it is my blog right? ;)

xx Jo

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