Friday, April 15, 2011

More Vintage!

I really don't know how people involved with vintage clothing and furniture have the heart to let go of and sell all the wonderful vintage finds! I scored the most amazing original G Plan retro dining chairs this week and am still contemplating on wether to keep or revamp them for sale. The original plan was the latter, but I guess we'll see once I get my hands on them. ;)

Before I end up deciding to keep half of them, I'm really itching to get these latest garments out for sale but with school holidays and people's busy schedules its been kinda hard to get them all shot and ready for the shop. 

I'm putting myself on the firing line and giving you a little sneak peek of two of my many favourite items of the up and coming stock to be auctioned. I've got a 'proper' lookbook planned with  Tasha too and I'm looking forward to having that on the blog soon.   

This delightful vintage cropped knit top as well as the lovely vintage midi skirt I'm wearing will be available for auction hopefully within the week. As well as these, there also will be a range of vintage bags and shoes, so keep your eyes peeled! 

I'm still cringing at the thought of even publishing myself on my blog but c'est la vie huh! ;)

xx Jo

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