Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show Us Your Sideboard! Featuring Retro Restyling

Yay, so excited to present our second installation to our little Show Us Your Sideboard segment. This week we have Susan Fudge from Retro Restyling sharing her wonderful sidboard insights with us. 

Hailing all the way from Collinsville, Illanois in the USA, Retro Restyling takes less than fortunate, sometimes landfill bound, pieces of furniture and restores, restyles and repurposes them into new chic pieces of decor! A little paint and a lot of love can do wonders for an out of style furnishing!

1. How would you describe your sideboard?
 I have just recently completed and sold my first restyled by me (not customer commissioned) piece of furniture which was a turn of the century antique dresser. It needed a lot of TLC to get it back to a usable furnishing. After it was restored I picked a beautiful blue-gray paint for the color then I gave it an aged look by sanding it down and using a dark glaze. I lined the drawers with some pretty paper to match how beautiful it was on the outside.

Retro Restyling's first uncommissioned piece, lovingly called 'Elizabeth' in first stages of being transformed.

2. Styling sideboards for the sake of design or necessity?
 Both actually. Before I stepped into this role of restyling furniture I was a web designer. Even though I was doing digital design, I loved interior design as well and always had an infatuation with furniture (antique or modern). Then unfortunately the economy killed my job in 2009. After a while of unsuccessful job searching, I decided to take my eye for color, my need for income and my love of furniture and smoosh them together. A few months later I was full steam ahead with Retro Restyling and I've been enjoying every step of my adventure since!

'Elizabeth' in her new & improved form. Loving the simple vintage vignette styling.

3. Do you have sideboard envy? Who's and why?
 I absolutely adore and Barb Blair's ability to transform pieces of furniture using her own unique style. Seems like everything she touches with a paintbrush turns out wonderfully beautiful. She has such great ideas for accessories too! I also love Kristen Davis from KFD Designs. Every time I see her complete a project, painting furniture or interiors, I am amazed by her talent.

'Elizabeth's' lovely detail

4. Give us 3 sideboard styling tips.
 1. Do research. If you are unfamiliar with giving a piece of furniture a face lift there are great tutorials online to use as resources. i.e.: Barb Blair's "Before and After Basics" on Design Sponge has helped me a lot.
2. Have patience. Painting furniture is time consuming, and if you rush through it or skip steps, you'll ruin your project.
3. Have fun! Let your creative juices flow! In the end you'll be proud of what you've accomplished

I love Susan's work! Her true passion and her eye for colour and detail really shows in her work. Thank you Retro Restyling for your contribution this week, looking foward to reading more re-styling stories and seeing more of your wonderful work on your Blog and Facebook pages.

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xx Jo