Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 Lovely Things...

It's been a great start to Lola Lovely's first release of vintage garments in the UK! Its so humbling to know people appreciate the work I've put into re-doing a lot of the clothes and I look forward to doing plenty more! In fact, I have already bought and started working on more, and have my eyes set on a few pieces of furniture I want to get my hands on and and re vamp, so keep your eyes peeled!

All this positivity (and often negativity ;D) has had me looking more closely at things I really love. I see bloggers do these sort of blogs all the time so I thought I'd give it a shot.... 4 Lovely Things...





I think I need to do this more often. Gives me a new sense of gratitude to be able to actually sit down and think about simple things I love and am grateful for! What are 4 Lovely Things you're thinking about today?

xx Jo

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