Thursday, April 7, 2011

Arabella Ramsay

Arabella Ramsay

The images above are part of Arabella Ramsay's 'The Alice' Collection

As one of my favourite designers at the moment, I love how Australian designer Arabella Ramsay combines traditional vintage colours and textures with more contemporary ones to create a style that is modern and fresh with somewhat colonial character. Her design aesthetic stems from being raised in a country town in Victoria where she grew up spending her days, playing in paddocks, inventing games and undertaking numerous craft projects. 
"There was always some activity transpiring such as drawing, sewing and quilting that has heavily influenced my ideas." -Arabella Ramsay

Part of one of Arabella Ramsay's previous collections.
The images below are part of Arabella Ramsay's 'This Side of Blue Collection'

For more of Arabella Ramsay and her Vintage range, visit here website at ARABELLARAMSAY.COM.

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