Sunday, May 8, 2011

What My Mama Told Me

Being an Australian living in the UK, I just want to pay a small tribute to all the wonderful mothers celebrating a very special day for themselves today on Mothers Day. Being a mother of 3 beautiful boys myself, I can only empathise with the love and at times, heart ache mothers feel towards their children, there truly is no other love like it and none other that can replace or replicate it. 

To be honest, I wasn't intending on blogging about it but I was so inspired by Blog, A Girl, A Style's Mothers Day Tribute that I thought what better way to honour my own mother through the acknowledgement of some of the priceless lessons she taught me growing up. I learnt these lessons through her words of wisdom (which I'm sure she thought my at times my stubborn adolescent self would never learn), through her actions as well as through the things she didn't do. They've played a major part in moulding me into the woman I am today.

1. Always have FAITH! My mum is a devout catholic and her love and dedication to God and the church as always been an inspiration to me. I've gone my own separate way in my own beliefs and practices but one thing we both agree on is to always trust in God, a higher power who is beyond what we could ever achieve in our own strength. 

2. Never be quick to judge, and treat others the way you want to be treated. My mother always gave people the benefit of the doubt. This was sometimes abused, but I learnt that practicing this kind act is so liberating for my conscience. People may not always treat you that same way, but through her own actions, she taught me to be strong and stand for what I believed in, because with if you're being honest with yourself, no one can fault you.

3. "Clean room, clean girl!" I use to hate cleaning my room. My mum used to encourage me by saying that if my room was clean, then so was I. Being the only girl with 3 brothers, I never wanted to be considered being as grubby as they were so I guess this eventually scared me into keeping my room neat and tidy. I'm glad she drilled this into me because to me, there's nothing I like more than a neat, orderly space. My boys are also learning slowly which I'm quietly pleased about ;).

4. Follow your dream! Being raised in a poor country, my mother was fortunate enough to have parents with enough money to send her and her sisters to University. She only revealed a few years back that she had always wanted to be a shoe or interior designer but was told to study something more lucrative like business in marketing, which she did (despite her mother being a successful fashion designer and clothes maker herself). I too was headed down that same road, choosing to study a degree out of high school that would make them proud. I learnt a lot since then, and although its later, I'm working my way towards doing something I'm passionate about. It's something I personally feel strongly and always talk to my eldest son about. Money should never be an object, do what you love and do it well, no one can take away the feeling of being fulfilled. Money will eventually follow.

5. Always wear nice perfume. What I remember when I was younger, was the scent my mum would leave on her pillow as I would snuggle into my parents bed when they had left for work. There's nothing like smelling the wonderful scent of beautiful perfume that a woman (or man) leaves behind. Suffice to say, my sons have already inherited this love of smelling good, with my 5 and 10 year olds insisting on their own little collections of smellies. Zara Kids have a fabulous collection of children's and young boys and girls perfumes and colognes which the boys love! 

There are so many others I could just ramble about but I'm sure there are plenty more that guys could share. I'd love to hear about them! 

xx Jo

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