Friday, May 6, 2011

LLPA Lookbook Featuring Bonnie Stedman

I could not have chosen a better woman to photograph and write about in LLPA's featured vintage dress shoot. Its fun, sexy, relaxed and versatile; Bonnie Stedman to a tee!

Having moved to the UK from Australia late last year, I have only really known Bonnie (aka Bons, Bon Bon or my latest, Bonita) for a few months. Her warm natured, passionate and fun personality makes you feel as though you've known her for years!

As a budding modern country and western musician, singer and writer, Bonnie's wonderful talent has seen her perform extensively in Australia, most notably with Australian country and western legend, Bill Chambers which she claims to be the highlight of her career so far! She is quickly building up her repertoire here in the UK, having already performed at the famed Hannah's Bar in Liverpool. 

Bonnie's heart not only lies in her passion for music but for the amazing organisation she founded called the Bali Volunteer House where she raises funds to provide staff and support for the every day running of an orphanage in Bali called Care for Kids. Bonnies passion for this amazing cause has seen her raise tens of thousands of dollars to aid in the care and support for underprivileged orphans in Bali. Such an inspirational woman with great talent to boot! A woman after my own heart to always be 'working on something', Bonnies latest venture see's her making her very own home made brand of organic muesli and products which she wishes to distribute throughout UK and beyond. From what I've seen so far, it's definitely going to be a hit!

I have audio of some of Bonnie's original tracks which I will post onto the blog at a later date but for now, enjoy these photos of her in our beautiful vintage crochet dress which you'll find in our eBay store within the next 24 hours!

Extremely photogenic and a true pleasure to shoot, Bonnie is a born performer who I only hope the best for in her amazing journey as a singer, musician and entrepreneur!
Photo Credits:
Model: Bonnie Stedman
Photographer: Joan Puletua
Location: Model's home
Dress: Lola Lovely Pre Adored
Hand Crafted Metal Bracelet: Model's own from Bali
Gold Anklet: Model's own from Bali
xx Jo

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