Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Salad of My Life, Zuzana Hnídková

I came across Salad of My Life during one of my regular online inspiration hunts and was blown away when I came across these amazing levitating photos by Salad of My Life's owner and writer, Zuzana Hnídková. I wrote to Zuzanna asking if I could share these photos on my blog and she so graciously and generously allowed me to. She even did a mini interview for my LLPA readers which I found so sweet! Salad of My Life is a wonderful blog about basically anything and everything. She so easily could have been a model but we're so glad she pursued her passion (after reading her blog, she was going to, but her mother told her to pursue her studies) Zuzi's raw, creative gift is one that can't be taught and her passion for Photography adds life and beautiful imagery to her blog.
You have such a great eye for photography, when and how did you get into it?
Thank you! Well I hope my "eye for photography" is still developing :)
I started to make photos a long time ago, when I played with my barbie dolls and I was their photographer. We had a very simple analogue camera, but I really enjoyed arranging the dolls and making their portraits. Then I got my first compact digital camera and I loved it so much. But suddenly I found myself limited by that simple camera, it didn't really understand my visions. I was indescribably happy to get my first "real" camera (Canon 30d) and be able to regulate everything what I wanted. 
What are your favourite subjects to photograph? (eg people, landscapes, animals)
I love to photograph people. And it doesn't matter if it's a simple portrait or street photography. I think it is just more challenging than landscapes or flowers.

Your levitaion photos are amazing, what inspired this idea?
I had to choose a project for school where I had to show my editing skills. And this kind of photography always fascinated me, so I simply chose levitations and tried to make a little levitation series :)
Salad of My Life is such an interesting blog about anything and everything. What inspires you when you write?
I'm really glad to hear you find it interesting! And you are totally right, it's about anything and everything. It's hard to say what inspires me, because it's everything around me. And when I think it's really interesting and people could like it, I write a post about it.
Do you have any advise for people wanting to take that step into photography?
I don't really think that I'm the right person to give advice to people about photography. But I believe the most important thing in this field is: practice, practice, practice. There is just no other way how to get better.
For more Salad of My Life and Zuzi's photography and musings, as well as tutorials on how to achieve these amazing levitating photos, click on the link below!

xx Jo

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